Hakushu 12 Year Old Single Malt Whisky 700mL

$460.00 each


Known as “the fresh Japanese whisky”, Hakushu is an herbal and gently smoky single malt from Suntory’s Mt. Kaikomagatake distillery. Thanks to a mountain microclimate of luxurious forests and water filtrated by rain and snow through ages-old granite rock, malt whiskies born here are blessed a rare softness and purity. Hakushu 12 Year Old is the heart of the brand. Green with herbal notes, it is distilled in direct-fire pot stills, then aged in small white oak casks for 12 years or longer. The result is a sweet, velvety smokiness, with the scents of green leaves and fruits. Hakushu 12 Year Old is an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy a whisky with roundness, complexity and hint of smokiness

Tasting Notes

Sweet pear, mint, and kiwi.

Product Details

Alcohol By Volume 43%
Standard Drinks Approx. 24 Standard Drinks
Closure Cork
Bottled in Osaka

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